Joining the Lab

Thank you for your interest in working in the ANGST Lab! We are currently acccepting applications for Research Assistants. Please see the bottom of the page for application instructions. Prospective graduate students should email Dr. Lissek ([email protected]).
**Please note that we do not take summer-only research assistants. 

Undergraduate & Post-Bacc Research Assistants

The ANGST lab accepts undergraduate and post-bacc volunteers year round-- while our lab is in a university setting, we do not follow the traditional academic calendar and run our studies throughout the entire year. As a Research Assistant in our lab, the tasks and skills you may learn and be asked to do include, but are not limited to:

  • Running participants through study protocols  
  • Collecting psychophysiological measures (Galvanic skin response & electromyography)
  • Processing & analyzing psychophysiological data 
  • Entering & checking data
  • Creating & managing Qualtrics online questionnaires and surveys 
  • Using SPSS, Excel, and/or R to manage & analyze data  
  • Attend weekly lab meetings where lab business and research are discussed

The basic requirement for working in the lab is a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week for 1 year (3 semesters; summer can be included as a semester). 10 hours per week does not include academic year breaks (i.e. spring break, university breaks, university closures, etc.). To be successful in the lab, we also recommend that you have completed PSY 3801 (Psy Measurement & Data Analysis) and PSY 3001 (Intro to Research Methods) or an equivalent, although this is not required. 

If you are interested in taking PSY 5993 (Research Lab in Psychology) or PSY 3901W (Major Project in Psychology), we require those taking PSY 5993 to be available during our lab meetings on Thursdays, from 3-4pm. More information on our requirements for completing Major Project (PSY 3901W) within our lab can be found

If you are interested in working in the lab as a Research Assistant, please email Shmuel Lissek ([email protected]). In this email, please include: 1) your anticipated date of graduation, 2) your major/minor, 3) the post-graduation careers your are contemplating, 3) a statement explaining why you are interested in working in the lab, and 4) a copy of your CV (if available).